Investment Property Analyzer

Welcome to Investment Property Analyzer – a better way to understand how a purchase of a home to rent can impact your money and cash flow. Ever wondered how this investment may perform over time? How it might compare to other investments you might make? Trying to understand how your cash flow would look like now and in the future?

Now is the time to take control of these numbers and truly understand real estate as an investment. You get to control the input variables such as vacancy, maintenance, HOA fees, etc. that are specific to your scenario and the app will determine a projected rate of return on your investment (for demonstration purposes only) and you can also see how your cash flow changes over time as rent increases and other variables change.
Why users love this app:

  • You control the rate of inflation over time
  • You can change vacancy to see how that affects cash flow and rate of return
  • You can model a 1031 exchange when you buy, sell or both
  • Support available to explore a specific property you are looking to purchase
  • Before and after Tax returns Available to View


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